On Thursday, May 12, City of Hope Orange County invited patients and their families to City of Hope’s new Lennar Foundation Cancer Center campus in Irvine to participate in a planting celebration for the campus’ Healing Garden.

Richard T. Lee, M.D., Medical Director, Integrative Medicine Program, City of Hope, who has authored world-renown research in holistic health practices, including mediation and other non-conventional therapies, said the Healing Gardens at the Irvine campus will be a focal point for many generations.

“The gardens reflect our interest in integrative medicine practices that have not been part of standard therapies. There is substantial evidence of the efficacy of these therapies, especially to help people with cancer deal with pain, fatigue, anxiety, and other symptoms,” Dr. Lee said. “Additionally, the environment plays an important role in health and in the ability to recover from cancer treatments. Healing gardens can improve physical, emotional, social and psychological well-being.”

The planting celebration was made possible through a generous $1 million donation from Lowe’s.

Annette M. Walker, President, City of Hope Orange County, said philanthropy is a critical component in fulfilling City of Hope’s mission, adding that the Irvine campus will be leading the way in advanced cancer treatment.

“We are grateful to Lowe’s, a strong supporter of Orange County and communities across the country, for their generous donation that will benefit generations of patients and their families,” said Annette M. Walker, President, City of Hope Orange County. “Philanthropy holds tremendous power in speeding cancer care innovation. When we plant this garden with our partners from Lowe’s and members of our community, we show the world that we are launching a new of whole-person care for our patients. At City of Hope, we believe that healing the mind, soul and spirit is just as important as the world-renowned expertise, lifesaving treatments and pioneering research that heal the body.”

With patient well-being in mind, City of Hope specifically selected shrubs and perennials based on their potential medicinal value.

City of Hope Orange County’s innovation in cancer treatment will be strictly dedicated to state-of-the-art technology and clinical trials. For example, in addition to the holistic aspect of the Healing Gardens at City of Hope Orange County, the Irvine campus will also feature three LINAC rooms. LINAC, an acronym for linear accelerators, are used in radiation treatment for different types of cancers.

The LINAC rooms are designed with cinder blocks infused with steel aggregate, used to shield radiation from the outside. The 11-acre facility will bring more than 400 physicians, and 1,000 cancer specialists to Irvine.

In a statement, Bill Boltz, executive vice president of merchandising at Lowe’s added that supporting the community at large is how Lowe’s wants to be recognized.

“At Lowe’s, we continue to look for ways to give back to our communities and we’re honored to help provide such a special place for patients and their families,” Boltz said. “Our merchants took the time to hand-select each of the plants in partnership with City of Hope to really make sure we created an outdoor area that promotes healing and happiness for all to enjoy.”